Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts

First generation student finds success at CSU

A first generation scholar recalls the support she received while completing her undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts.

Outstanding Graduates

College of Liberal Arts faculty and staff highlight outstanding students graduating in Fall 2016.

Spring 2016

Alumna pursues a love of literature at Wolverine Farm Publishing

Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts alumna Meg Schiel, class of 2013, shares her post-graduation journey.

Being interdisciplinary

Kevin Foskin, director of the Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts program, talks about what it means to be interdisciplinary.

Why I study Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts

Sophomore Jeordin Wiley shares her perspective on why the Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts major is the perfect fit for her.

Winter 2015

Life-Changing: A Liberal Arts student travels to Prague

One student explains why living in another country is life-changing.

Finding my way

One Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts alumna shares her story.