Department of
Political Science

Environmental justice group emerges at CSU

A growing number of CSU faculty, staff and students have been joining a campus initiative focused on environmental justice.

Student Spotlight: Trevor Abeyta

Trevor Abeyta reflects on the invaluable experience he has gained through the Political Science department’s graduate internship program.

Spring 2016

Kyle Saunders, CSU’s ‘political guru,’ discusses the 2016 presidential election

Kyle Saunders explains his conspiracy theory research, analyzes the primary election process, and shares what has surprised him about this year’s presidential race.

$12,000 Raised at Annual Rams Juris Doctor Dinner

On February 16, 2016 the Rams Juris Doctor group gathered for their annual fundraising dinner in Denver for networking, professional development, and to raise funds for the Rams JD Scholarship.

Woodward internship provides ‘valuable experience’ for graduating senior

“My internship has added value to my educational experience because it has allowed me to apply what I’m learning in a real-world setting.” – Andre Foltz

Alumni use language skills working abroad

Picking everything up and leaving to work in a new country is no more than a dream for some, but others have been able to make it a reality by landing a job abroad after graduating with language skills.

Winter 2015

Spokes-person of the year

The Alliance for Biking and Walking’s 2014 Bike Advocate of the Year believes bikes are much more than transportation or recreation.