Written by
Jill Salahub

English Majors Don’t Wait Until They Graduate

English majors are a diverse group doing interesting work in the world, but they don’t wait until they graduate to start being amazing.

Winter 2016

Writers Bring their Work to Life

In 2016, CSU has hosted two Pulitzer Prize-winning poets, one national award winner for nonfiction, and an award winning English department alumnus.

English Beyond: Speak Out! and Rekindle the Classics

The English department enacts their passion through programs that extend beyond the boundaries of our classrooms, and even our campus.

Spring 2016

Pulitzer prize winner Komunyakaa returns to CSU for poetry reading

English department alumnus Yusef Komunyakaa returned to CSU to share his work and words of wisdom with the community.

Words for the Earth

The Words for the Earth award is being created in honor of John Calderazzo and SueEllen Campbell, on the eve of their retirement from CSU.

Alumna Felicia Zamora wins 2016 Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize

Alumna Felicia Zamora has been selected as the recipient of the 2016 Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize.

Dan Beachy-Quick selected as a finalist for the Colorado Book Awards

Colorado Humanities and Center for the Book announced that Dan Beachy-Quick is a finalist for the Colorado Book Awards in Poetry for his latest work (gentlessness).