Department of
Journalism and Media Communication

Alumni draw enthusiastic crowds at events

Halo executive Bonnie Ross and Pulitzer prize winning poet Yusef Komunyakaa were greeted by large crowds as they visited campus this spring.

Winter 2015

Halo effect: Ross wants more women in video gaming industry

Journalism alumna Bonnie Ross credits her overwhelming success to the foundation of technical and communication skills gained from CSU.

CSU alumnus skydives to celebrate doubling life expectancy

A CSU alumnus living with muscular dystrophy celebrated a birthday he never thought he would have by doing something he never thought he would do: skydive.

Photographing the truth in combat zones

CSU journalism professors discuss their experiences on the front lines of war zones.

CSU-born production company releases trailer for a full-feature documentary

“Our goal is to have this make an impact,” Rasmussen said. “We want them to see that we are there not to point fingers at the issue, but to give hope.”

Rams Unplug

A group of Journalism & Media Communication students are promoting sustainability on campus.

Making an impact

From wheelchair inventions to leading the Halo 5 video game charge, the CSU liberal arts family is making an impact in a variety of ways.