Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life

What defines success? What makes a meaningful life?

These essential questions follow all of us. And for the alumni, students, and faculty in the College of Liberal Arts, answers to these questions come in the form of making a difference - small or large - in their local communities, at the national level, and across the world.

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College of Liberal Arts team: dean, associate deans, and faculty

Winter 2017: Dean’s Message

College of Liberal Arts

The liberal arts not only enables, but empowers, students and alumni to pursue meaningful work and a meaningful life.

Young girl from Jerash refugee camp holds a self portrait drawn in crayon

One Crayon at a Time: Making a difference for refugee children


After seeing waste at a Chili’s restaurant, environmentalist Chelsea Champ Lopez found a new use for the used crayons: helping refugee children in Jordan.

Polly Baca speaking at the 2017 Distinguished Alumni Awards banquet

Long-time politician breaks gender and race boundaries to reach many “firsts”

Political Science

After growing up in a mixed-race neighborhood in Greeley and facing discrimination and prejudice as a Latina woman, Polly Baca worked to break gender and race boundaries, becoming many “firsts” in Colorado’s legislature.

Kyle Singer and Emily Sullivan point to a detail on one of David Brooks' fracking-inspired art pieces

Mindful engagement inspires environmental art exhibition

Art and Art History | The Gregory Allicar Museum of Art

An environmental art exhibit at the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art provide Art students Kyle Singer and Emily Sullivan the opportunity to combine classroom learning with a chance to help New York-based artist David Brooks.

Juliana Velez speaking at a summit in Guatemala

Telling her story: women and girls’ empowerment around the world

Communication Studies

Inspired by her grandmother’s assistance to those suffering the repercussions of civil unrest in Colombia, Juliana Vélez now fights for women’s rights around the world through an organization called HerStory.

Kelsi Nagy smiles with cows in India during research trip

From Trash Animals to Sacred Cows: exploring human-animal relationships across the globe


Inspired to understand animals on their own terms, Kelsi Nagy pursued a master’s degree focused on animal ethics and environmental policy. She has edited a book about our relationship with “trash” animals and continues to study complex animal-human relationships.

Annie Seipel headshot

Many Roads: A study of traditional art by a non-traditional student

Art and Art History | Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Annie Seipel is a non-traditional student in almost every sense of the word. At age 45 Seipel is on the brink of finishing her bachelor’s degree combining her interests of Arabic and metal-working.

Paul DeMaret on vacation in the mountains with his wife and two daughters

Uncharted waters and an unexpected calling


Paul DeMaret wrote a mini-book about sharks in the fifth grade. Instead of foretelling a future as a marine biologist, the book foreshadowed DeMaret’s future as an English major and distinguished teacher.

Alex Hernandez headshot

Bringing communities together through memories, stories, and the National Park Service


From Japanese American confinement camps to National Heritage Areas, Alex Hernandez brings communities together for historic preservation projects as an assistant program manager and historian for the National Park Service.

Who I Am film logo

Who I Am: A story of discovery and impact

Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts

Multiple CSU alumni work together to share the story of the Near Peer Program: an effort that connects CSU Key students with newly arrived high-school students in Fort Morgan

Pard Morrison's sculpture completed outside the U.S. Embassy in the Netherlands

CSU alumnus’ sculpture chosen for U.S. embassy in Netherlands

Art and Art History

The colorful new 30-foot-high sculpture emerging from a water feature at the new U.S. Embassy building in The Hague was created by alumnus Pard Morrison.

Vince Blaser presenting

Using journalism and policy skills to advocate for health workers worldwide

Journalism and Media Communication

As director of Frontline Health Workers Coalition and advocacy advisor at IntraHealth International, Vince Blaser advocates for improved access to health workers for millions of people in countries like India, Senegal, Guatemala, and Mali.

Namuyaba Temanju headshot

Walk better in the world

Ethnic Studies | Women's Studies

For Namuyaba Temanju, helping others runs in the family. Her mother, a nurse, helped Somali refugees in Kenya and in Somalia, and Temanju has taken that desire to help immigrants and refugees as a community organizer in Fort Morgan, Colo.

Susan Harness and her husband Rick smile in front of a mountain range

An anthropological search for belonging and identity

Anthropology and Geography

Susan Harness described her childhood as being caught between two worlds – white and American Indian – and estranged from both. Using her education in anthropology, Harness searched for a sense of belonging and acceptance as a transracial adoptee.

Headshot of Madeleine Sheahan

Spreading hope at CSU through the Esperanza Scholarship

Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Madeleine Sheahan didn’t know it was unusual for a current student to establish a scholarship. Now an alumni, Sheahan continues to make a difference for students with the Esperanza Scholarship.

Photo of David Fischer on the award he received from the Department of Economics

Resource economist reflects on international career


David Fischer, the first person to receive a Ph.D. in economics from CSU, taught natural resource economics around the world. Among other accomplishments, he developed a framework for studying large-scale environmental accidents.

Josephine Bush and friends smiling for a group photo in Berlin

Education Has An Impact

International Studies

International studies alumna Josephine Bush sees education as the number one way to lift people out of poverty. She is working as a teacher in the Bronx and aspires to change educational policy.

Jen Zidon headshot

Advocate for the arts

LEAP Institute for the Arts

Jennifer Zidon is living proof of the proverb ‘when one door closes, another one opens.’ With a poetry degree and, soon, a master’s degree in arts leadership, Zidon is using her professional experience in community relations to advocate for artists and the planet.

Two mannequin posed as if they are speaking conversationally to each other

Joint Stock: Exploring the human experience with the Freshman Theatre Project

School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Professor Walt Jones challenges his freshmen students to bring the human experience to life on stage in a unique way: through a production of interview theatre.

Polly Baca, Ann Gill, and Jim Vidakovich

Celebrating Three Distinguished Alumni

College of Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts congratulates Polly Baca, Ann Gill, and Jim Vidakovich for receiving Distinguished Alumni Awards from the CSU Alumni Association on Oct. 12, 2017