Department of
Journalism and Media Communication

Together, we investigate and advocate

In the Department of Journalism and Media Communication, together we adapt, understand, and advocate. From hands-on music videos to measuring air quality to alumni entrepreneurship, students and faculty are exploring the ways communication transfers between people. 

Winter 2020

Understanding the Invisible: Air Quality and Health

A citizen-science project aims to see if the act of measuring air quality influences how we understand and think about the air from a day-to-day standpoint. Journalism professors and students are working with air quality scientists to incorporate the social sciences—or the human elementin to their investigation.   

Winter 2019/Spring 2020

Order, Authenticity, and Context Collapse: Life in virtual space

The idea that virtual space is a space is much easier to grasp in immersive worlds such as virtual reality (VR), but is that possible when looking at a flat screen with images and text? When you are in a digital conversation with friends or strangers, one-on-one or in a group, supportive or combative, does it feel like a space is holding you all there? 

Spring 2019

Understanding identity in online worlds

What is the difference between ‘real life’ and ‘virtual life’? How do we construct identity? How do we create social norms? For many years, experts have studied how social norms are created, and with the advent of the internet and online gaming, researchers are now exploring the way people interact with, use, and respond to technology as they perform and craft those identities.

Winter 2018

Water as Science and Art

Water plays many roles in our lives: from nourishment to relaxation to destruction. Its captivating qualities provide fodder for painters and photographers.

Spring 2018

Pulitzer-winning alumnus at New York Times got his start at the Collegian

From the arts and entertainment desk at The Rocky Mountain Collegian to the highrise of the New York Times, Gabriel Dance credits his time at CSU to equipping him with the multimedia skills that launched his career.

Winter 2017

Using journalism and policy skills to advocate for health workers worldwide

As director of Frontline Health Workers Coalition and advocacy advisor at IntraHealth International, Vince Blaser advocates for improved access to health workers for millions of people in countries like India, Senegal, Guatemala, and Mali.