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Advocating for a human-centered approach to teaching

MFA alum Caleb Gonzalez is a PhD candidate whose research about first-year writing programs at Hispanic-Serving Institutions got him an invitation to VP Harris’s home.

Spring 2023

Centering Student Choices: Why Linguistic Justice is a Pivotal and Empowering Pedagogical Framework

Three programs—the University Composition Program, TEFL/TESL, and English Education—are challenging a monolingual expectation of language and the idea that there is only “right” way to speak and write in academia. 

Winter 2022

Searching the Archive: Engaging History through a Social Justice Lens

Senior Peter Wilson prepares for graduate school by spending six months on an internship with Professor Zach Hutchins doing archival research and looking at original sources for Hutchins’ book project about Harriet Beecher Stowe’s A Key to Uncle Tom’s Cabin. 

Spring 2022

Encouraging Creative Writers: Former faculty support graduate students in the English department

Several former faculty in the creative writing program at CSU are investing in the next generation of creative writers by funding fellowships that support those students who do not have a GTA position. 

Expanding the Boundaries: Bringing science into the English classroom

Embracing interdisciplinary studies, graduate students in the Department of English are bridging divides between the humanities and sciences through coursework and research opportunities.  

Winter 2021

Archeo-phonics: Music, Memory, & Preserving What We’ve Lost

Part poem, part sound-art, part architectural experiment, part foray into literary theory – The Aylesworth Suite, a collection of three pieces of music, each seeking to preserve not simply the memory but the sonic imprint of the now destroyed Aylesworth Hall, is a work that unexpectedly always adds up to more than the sum of its parts. 

Spring 2021

Fascinating and full of enthusiasm: Alumna and husband give $1M in honor of emeritus English professor

Linda Randall (’68) and her husband, Gerald Hazelbauer, both professors emeriti of biochemistry at the University of Missouri, have given a $1M bequest and annual cash support to the English department via the Marty Bucco Award for Creative Teaching & Scholarship fund.