Department of
Art and Art History

Stewarding Art, Creating Dialog

CSU students in ‘Arapaho & Cheyenne Art and Historyʼ used anthropology, museum studies, history, and ethnic studies to provide a more holistic view of Indigenous arts.

Spring 2023

Where the Digital and Physical Collide

Cy Tornatzky uses electronic art and virtual reality to explore artistic expression and to train future veterinarians in anesthesiology basics using VetVR.

Changing people’s perceptions of museums

Who goes to museums? Who are they designed for? At the CSU art museum, the staff extend invitations to anyone to engage with art and one another through their choices of exhibits, displays, and programming. 

Winter 2022

Collections Management – Learning the skills to package and conserve works of art

Michelle Malenfant learns skills in collections management through her summer internship with the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art that she can apply to her future career at an art gallery. 

Spring 2022

Liminal Spaces: Nostalgia and the Borderland in Vicente Delgado’s prints

Vicente Delgado is a second year Master of Fine Art student studying printmaking. Inspired by his upbringing blending American and Mexican culture, Delgado’s work explores themes of childhood, nostalgia, consumerism, the borderland, and immigration.

Winter 2021

Clay is a Border of Nature, Time, and Space

Sanam Emami and students have been digging in the dirt along the Poudre River, exploring the possibilities of local clay. Local clays differ from commercialized, highly processed clays that are sourced from manufacturers. Using local clay to make functional objects ties its utility to place and provides a richer understanding of the connection between humans, place, and Earth.  

Spring 2021

Together, we explore and create

In the Department of Art and Art History, together, we discover, imagine, engage, solve and express. We make, teach, and interact with art that helps us explore and challenge our world.