Department of
Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Multilingual voices in a small town

CSU Extension intern and French major Abi Somers is creating a medical guide for French-speaking residents in Fort Morgan, Colo. to improve access to healthcare.

Spring 2023

Seeing the Whole Person: How Using Virtual Reality to Learn Spanish Better Meets the Needs of Spanish-Speaking Populations

How do we offer students more real-life experiences to try their language skills? By using virtual reality to put them into linguistic and cultural scenarios.  

Winter 2022

Closing Language Barriers in Healthcare for Spanish Speakers

For a new program called Spanish in Professional Environments, Abi Tekeste and Giselle Alpizar-Calixto use their summer internship with CSU Extension to understand the language barriers to healthcare, and to provide information and resources, in rural Colorado. 

Spring 2022

Researching Spanish language needs at veterinary clinics

Through a grant from PetSmart Charities, Edward Sarasty Salazar is working as a graduate research assistant to improve access to veterinary care for Spanish-speaking pet owners. His work will contribute to the development of a curriculum of Spanish for Veterinarians. 

Winter 2021

Latin American women writers’ voices crossed borders, platforms

María Inés Canto Carrillo,  Assistant Professor of Spanish, has focused on how the pandemic has encouraged Latin American female writers to use social media to amplify their voices, bringing forth taboo topics, feminist concerns, and their stories to the forefront.

Spring 2021

Together, we investigate and communicate

In the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, together we discover, engage, and learn. From understanding a river along the Camino de Santiago in Spain to teaching language skills to elementary students and exploring better ways to serve Spanish-speaking pet owners, students and faculty are applying their global perspectives and linguistic knowledge to understand and help others.

Winter 2020

Balancing our bodies: How people in early modern Spain approached health and medicine

Our ideas about what health is and what sickness and disease mean are big questions about what kind of society we want to live in, what it means to have a good life, and what it means to be living as you believe is most appropriate or best. In early modern Spain notions of health and healthcare changed due to religious expulsion or conversion, colonialism, and more.