Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts

The Mistakes We Make and the Errors that Make Us: Perception and Imagination in the Liberal Arts

Perception, and the cultural and sociopolitical influences on it, is what allows us to define a problem or determine right and wrong. In the art world, what constitutes art is regularly a matter of perception.

Winter 2022

Listening to Neighbors and Documenting Change

Axel Sandoval Bravo, interdisciplinary liberal arts student, and geography professor Carrie Chennault, head to southwest Denver to record the stories of longtime residents experiencing redevelopment and gentrification in their neighborhoods. 

Spring 2021

Together, we connect and serve

In our interdisciplinary programs, together we adapt, discover, connect, and serve. From mentoring programs to cultural exploration, our students and faculty are building relationships and understanding around the world.

Winter 2020

COVID-19 and Health: Why We Need an Interdisciplinary Approach to a Global Pandemic

An interdisciplinary approach to the economic, mental, social, and even environmental debris left in this pandemic’s wake is the best way of understanding its impact. The theoretical and methodological stances of multiple disciplines helps break down disciplinary walls and open up a new space in which we can better understand our current health crisis. 

Spring 2019

Technology’s Hand in Interdisciplinary Studies

We are living in a tech age that grants us access to more information than ever before, but we can also find ourselves overwhelmed by that very same material. A major in interdisciplinary liberal arts helps students see the connection between all of the information they absorb and a type of systems thinking that guides interdisciplinary work, teaching students how to manage the flow of information and find connections where none before existed.

Winter 2018

Irrigation, Recreation, and Conservation: Water’s importance in life

Zak Danielson has always loved water: growing up on a farm, fishing in the Laramie River, or working with water at a brewery and in gardening. As a student at CSU, he has used an interdisciplinary approach to study sustainability so that he can continue his work with water conservation efforts.

Spring 2018

Reverence In the Face of Complexity

Interdisciplinarity, an old approach with a recent resurgence of interest, is a research process that integrates insights from two or more disciplines to address a complex problem so as to come to a broader understanding. This complexity encourages a sense of reverence.