Department of
Communication Studies

Amplifying Public Voice: CSU’s Center for Public Deliberation

Katie Knobloch’s work through CPD involves the design of community engagement programs and how they impact public participation and deliberative democracy.

Spring 2023

Popular Culture Obscures and Reveals: A Look at Korean Film and Queer Rhetoric

Korean cinema and queer rhetoric have both been brought to the forefront of U.S. culture in recent years, and Communication Studies professors help show us how and why. 

Winter 2022

Alumna creates scholarship for student facilitators in public deliberation

When Linda Cates – a two-time alumna and long-time donor – learned about the Center for Public Deliberation in 2014 she immediately wanted to support students who were learning deliberative dialogue skills – much-needed skills in today’s society. 

Out of the Classroom and into the Community

Putting communication theory into practice, three PhD students in Communication Studies engage in Extension internships that result in a Middle Eastern cookbook, updated curricula for a local 4-H program, and increased awareness of Extension and the Colorado State Fair. 

Spring 2022

With a new Ph.D., three reasons to celebrate

After the program’s launch in 2017, the first three graduates of the Ph.D. in Communication earned their doctorates in 2021. The entire cohort, including two students still working on their dissertations, accepted competitive job offers inside and outside academia— everywhere from liberal arts colleges to the City of Fort Collins. 

Winter 2021

Crossing National Borders to Bolster Democratic Engagement through Film and Media

Professors Hye Seung Chung and Scott Diffrient are spending time in South Korea exploring film and its use in government, human rights, and policy as Fulbright Scholars. Their goal is to bolster understanding of and appreciation for democratic principles such as free speech and human rights by critically engaging historical and contemporary Korean films. 

Spring 2021

Together, we imagine and engage

In the Department of Communication Studies, together, we imagine, adapt, engage, and lead. From the ACT Human Rights Film Festival to the Center for Public Deliberation, we engage with the personal and the structural to understand one another better. From student recruitment to student success, we create opportunities for first-generation students to find a place and build their impact.