International Studies

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In our interdisciplinary programs, together we adapt, discover, connect, and serve. From mentoring programs to cultural exploration, our students and faculty are building relationships and understanding around the world.

Winter 2020

COVID-19: Stories from CSU Abroad

Students from the International Studies program recount the stories of exchange students and people native to Japan, the UK, and China to better understand the experience of this global pandemic around the world and to recognize the commonality of hardship across borders. 

Winter 2019/Spring 2020

From Nomad’s Land to No Man’s Land: The Historic Transformation of Mediterranean Space and Place

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the Mediterranean world was a haven for nomads. They lived side-by-side with farmers and played a prominent role in regional agro-pastoral economies. But mobile pastoralism gradually faded from the Mediterranean landscape of Provence, French colonial Algeria, and Ottoman Anatolia. This new book shows the unlikely role of French scientific foresters, whose efforts at conservation had mixed results for Mediterranean forests and spelled ruin for Mediterranean nomads.

Spring 2019

Recognizing and reporting signs of terrorism can help prevent attacks

Technology has played a large role in the growth of terrorism through recruitment of terrorists worldwide or through cyberattacks on critical infrastructure. Jordan Clark (’11) trains people to recognize warning signs of possible terrorist or criminal acts on social media and in other settings through the Community Awareness Program at the CELL in Denver, Colo.

Winter 2018

Water lessons from the Syrian Civil War

For millenia, water scarcity and security has caused both wars and international cooperation. But with increasing populations, precipitation changes due to climate change, and unbalanced resource allocation, water issues are becoming more and more relevant to global stability. Case in point: the Syrian civil war. CSU alumnus David Bonomo provides a look into the issue.

Spring 2018

Syria’s forgotten pluralism and why it matters today

Since fighting first erupted in Syria in March 2011, many have discussed the role of the Arab Spring, the attendant Arab Winter, Syria’s government, sectarianism and the rise of the Islamic State to explain it. These factors, while important, ignore a key part of the story – Syria’s past.

Winter 2017

Education Has An Impact

International studies alumna Josephine Bush sees education as the number one way to lift people out of poverty. She is working as a teacher in the Bronx and aspires to change educational policy.