Department of
Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Critical Language Scholarship takes three students abroad

Three students are off to Jordan, Tanzania, and Russia this summer thanks to a competitive language scholarship.

Languages, Literatures and Cultures looks to expand student reach

From hybrid courses to agricultural Spanish, the department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures is expanding its reach and putting an emphasis on practical skills.

CSU prepared alumna for Paris — and brewery engineering

Allison Martz combined liberal arts with engineering, creating a unique career path which ultimately led to the world of brewing.

Alumni use language skills working abroad

Picking everything up and leaving to work in a new country is no more than a dream for some, but others have been able to make it a reality by landing a job abroad after graduating with language skills.

Liberal Arts students completing semester abroad on Gilman Scholarship

Two students in the College of Liberal Arts have been awarded the prestigious Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship, which aims to diversify students’ international experiences.

Winter 2015

New name for CSU language department reflects positive shifts

Colorado State University’s Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures is being revitalized with a new name, new faces and new projects.

Caelia: A pre-Roman beer in the Iberian Peninsula

The Celts and Iberos of indigenous Spain may have known about wine, but they grew wheat and barley, and they made beer. Beer and wine form a counterpoint. Wine belongs to the conqueror. Beer, so we are told, pertains to a lower class.