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Building Bridges to Better Communities

Ph.D. students Emilia Ravetta and Milagro Núñez-Solis connected food pantries with gardeners and youth with opportunities to strengthen their local communities in their CSU Extension summer internships with Grow and Give and the Family Leadership Training Institute. 

Spring 2021

Together, we investigate and advocate

In the Department of Sociology, together we learn, investigate, discover, advocate, and solve. From food systems to food insecurity, cotton in Africa to water on the Western Slope of Colorado, students and faculty are engaged in understanding the structural, societal, and cultural issues that impact people.  

Spring 2018

Discussing Diversity over Dinner: How Food Systems and Communities Interact

Diversity of food is about more than how many different vegetables and fruits you can fit on your plate. In an interdisciplinary collaboration, CSU faculty are researching the linkage between rural and urban communities and how those diverse worlds impact the food on your dinner table.

Winter 2017

One Crayon at a Time: Making a difference for refugee children

After seeing waste at a Chili’s restaurant, environmentalist Chelsea Champ Lopez found a new use for the used crayons: helping refugee children in Jordan.

Spring 2017

Sociology, Perspective-Taking, and Law Enforcement

For Assistant Chief Kevin Cronin, sociology changed his worldview and helped him consider a variety of perspectives that he uses in his work as a police officer.

Winter 2016

Awakening the mind with music

A CSU program shows that attending the symphony reverses cognitive decline in people with dementia.

More than just a student

Sociology and Ethnic Studies major Erica LeFehr discusses ups and downs of being a full-time student and a mom.