College of Liberal Arts

Letter from the Dean: Voice

This issue’s theme of voice elevates the voices we may not hear so that collectively we gain broader awareness of the world around us.

College of Liberal Arts Winter 2023 News

An update on the Clark Revitalization, faculty achievements, alumni spotlights, and other recent news from the College of Liberal Arts.

Alumni Give Voice to Students Who Might Not Have One

Liberal Arts alumni provide voice to students from rural or underrepresented communities by creating scholarships.

Spring 2023

Letter from the Dean: Perception and the Liberal Arts

The intersection of perception – the process by which we perceive, interpret and make sense of the world around us – and the liberal arts offers a rich terrain for exploration and analysis, as both seek to understand the human condition and our place in the world.

College of Liberal Arts Spring 2023 News

Read the latest news in the College of Liberal Arts, including alumni stories, research and scholarship stories, and retirement announcements.

Honoring a maestro’s legacy

Wes Kenney, CSU maestro of the symphony for 20 years, retires, leaving a legacy in his conducting and his support for students.  

Winter 2022

Alumna creates scholarship for student facilitators in public deliberation

When Linda Cates – a two-time alumna and long-time donor – learned about the Center for Public Deliberation in 2014 she immediately wanted to support students who were learning deliberative dialogue skills – much-needed skills in today’s society.