LEAP Institute for the Arts

LEAP explores free speech and cultural values

For Elham Musa, the Master’s of Arts Leadership and Cultural Management program is pushing her to challenge societal norms, especially when typical Western values conflict with her worldviews as a Muslim and immigrant.

Winter 2017

Advocate for the arts

Jennifer Zidon is living proof of the proverb ‘when one door closes, another one opens.’ With a poetry degree and, soon, a master’s degree in arts leadership, Zidon is using her professional experience in community relations to advocate for artists and the planet.

Spring 2017

Preparing Students for Life Using Soft Skills

Soft Skills for Professionals provided students practice in soft skills such as critical observation, problem solving, adaptability, and tolerance to diversity through exercises designed to challenge students’ abilities.

Winter 2016

Rally ‘Round the Flag of Justice

Sandy Ceas’ work revolves around global social issues, particularly focusing on the impact of religion on communities.

Learning the Business of Art

“The LEAP program covers a side to the art world that I wouldn’t have gotten exposure to otherwise.”

Spring 2016

Soon-to-be grad blends business with creative entrepreneurship

“I would call myself an independent artist-entrepreneur, which is what I think you have to be now if you want to work in the creative industry.”

Online Arts Leadership Master’s among top leadership programs

CSU’s online Master of Arts Leadership and Administration has received top honors from the “Oscars” of leadership.