Faculty & Staff

Listening to the Past and Looking to the Future: the value of the liberal arts

“The liberal arts aren’t just a field of study. They are a living thing, a thread that connects us all.” And it is through our learning, scholarship, and engagement that we advance the human experience.

Speak. Disrupt. Empower.

Political science professor Courtenay Daum researches how the right to free speech enables the modern protest movements of marginalized groups.

Scavenging for clues of our past

For the past 10 years, assistant professor of anthropology Michael Pante has collaborated with other scientists, students, and the local Maasai population to study early human eating behavior (1.7M years ago) in Olduvai Gorge in northern Tanzania as part of the Olduvai Geochronology and Archaeology Project.

Family, Culture, and French Immersion in Cajun Country

A new documentary film, Theo’s Choice/Le Choix de Theo, by assistant professor Thomas Cauvin takes viewers into French immersion classrooms of southwest Louisiana and explores the complex history of French in the Cajun culture.

Why We Need Ethnic Studies (Now More than Ever)

Ethnic studies is the history of us: of how we have become this great nation (with warts and all), of the obstacles we have overcome to get to this point, and of the challenges that we still face as a nation.

Imagining the Possible: the power of public rhetoric to inspire social change

For assistant professor of English Doug Cloud, rhetoric can be used for social justice. “It goes beyond describing reality as it is and articulates new and sometimes radical visions of how things could be.”

Collaboration, Contemporary Discourse, and A Golf Course

Art galleries are not usually the place people go to play mini-golf. That is, unless the gallery in question is the Hatton Gallery in the Visual Arts building. The interactive show, called “Mulligan,” was put together by CSU art department students and the experimental design studio Zero-Craft Corp.