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College of Liberal Arts Spring 2022 News

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Encouraging Creative Writers: Former faculty support graduate students in the English department

Several former faculty in the creative writing program at CSU are investing in the next generation of creative writers by funding fellowships that support those students who do not have a GTA position. 

Graduate Teaching Instructors diversify Sociology’s classrooms

In the Department of Sociology, Graduate Teaching Instructors (GTI) provide skilled and innovative teaching in undergraduate sociology courses. GTI have years of training and experience, and they offer a diverse, deep pool of expertise along with an ability to connect with students in the classroom.

Winter 2021

Climate Impact on People, Place, and Policy

Growing up in Guatemala, Diego Pons, climatologist and assistant professor of geography, couldn’t help but recognize that climate had a remarkable impact on local environments, farms and people. Pons wants to make large-scale climate science work for local farms and communities facing tough decisions. 

The legacy of Quitobaquito Springs, a tiny place with a long history

On the border between Mexico and Arizona is the postage stamp-sized oasis of Quitobaquito. But while the pond itself is tiny, what it holds is immense.

An International Perspective: Faculty Donors Support Students Becoming Global Citizens

Emeriti faculty Jim Boyd and Sue Ellen Markey embody the term “global citizen.” Having lived, worked, and studied in countries around the world, these two embrace and advocate for students to enter another worldview through the establishment of a new scholarship. 

College of Liberal Arts 2021 News

From our faculty securing prestigious grants to our alumni making a significant impact on local communities, the College of Liberal Arts has great news to share.