Letter from the Dean: Voice

This issue’s theme of voice elevates the voices we may not hear so that collectively we gain broader awareness of the world around us.

Stewarding Art, Creating Dialog

CSU students in ‘Arapaho & Cheyenne Art and Historyʼ used anthropology, museum studies, history, and ethnic studies to provide a more holistic view of Indigenous arts.

Using the stage to engage societal challenges and democracy

CSU Theatre explores democracy with productions that address community building, fighting injustice, representation, and humor to engage with societal challenges.

Approaching democracy differently: Western and Indigenous approaches

CSU students redefine democracy by using western and Indigenous principles and ultimately crafting a manifesto that emphasizes communal responsibility over individual rights.

Multilingual voices in a small town

CSU Extension intern and French major Abi Somers is creating a medical guide for French-speaking residents in Fort Morgan, Colo. to improve access to healthcare.

Spring 2023

Letter from the Dean: Perception and the Liberal Arts

The intersection of perception – the process by which we perceive, interpret and make sense of the world around us – and the liberal arts offers a rich terrain for exploration and analysis, as both seek to understand the human condition and our place in the world.

Coming Together to Build Tools of Resistance: New Undergraduate Courses Expand Perceptions of Protest

Protest can occur in many forms. Recent students in ethnic studies and women’s and gender studies are finding alternative ways to protest: through satire and irony, and through creative and cultural production.