The Gregory Allicar Museum of Art

Changing people’s perceptions of museums

Who goes to museums? Who are they designed for? At the CSU art museum, the staff extend invitations to anyone to engage with art and one another through their choices of exhibits, displays, and programming. 

Winter 2022

Collections Management – Learning the skills to package and conserve works of art

Michelle Malenfant learns skills in collections management through her summer internship with the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art that she can apply to her future career at an art gallery. 

Winter 2021

Art museums make connections across borders

By prompting dialogue about what museums do, who they are for, and how they teach us, the Gregory Allicar’s exhibitions and programming illustrate how borders are never as clearly defined as they might seem. Art museums bridge divides – catalyzing visual literacy by sparking conversation between differing ideas. 

Spring 2021

Together, we explore and create

In the Department of Art and Art History, together, we discover, imagine, engage, solve and express. We make, teach, and interact with art that helps us explore and challenge our world.

Winter 2019/Spring 2020

A History of Selfies: Year Two of Social Justice Thru the Arts

Colorado high school students have a creative way to explore social justice and life at CSU through the Social Justice Thru the Arts institute. The students explored the theme of “self and community” through a variety of interdisciplinary activities, including poetry, theater of the oppressed, dance, music, creative writing, journaling, talking circles, and mindfulness.

Spring 2019

The intersection of art and technology

At the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art, art and technology continually intersect. The spring 2019 exhibition, Off Kilter, On Point: Art of the 1960s from the Permanent Collection, encapsulated ways in which technology and art are interrelated by featuring a decade where that idea came into focus.

Winter 2018

A Response for the Decades: a disaster response plan for the museum

As part of their national accreditation, the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art prepared an emergency response plan, identifying which pieces they would ‘rescue’, in case there is a flood or other natural disaster affecting the collection. “As a land-grant institution, our collection is part of the public trust and we hold it and care for it for everyone. We have to protect the collections from all forms of water for ten more years and beyond.”