Research & Creative

Voice and Sustainability

Ed and Jo Barbier examine what democratic societies can do to give a greater “voice” to underrepresented groups and safeguard the well-being of people and the planet.

Using the stage to engage societal challenges and democracy

CSU Theatre explores democracy with productions that address community building, fighting injustice, representation, and humor to engage with societal challenges.

Multilingual voices in a small town

CSU Extension intern and French major Abi Somers is creating a medical guide for French-speaking residents in Fort Morgan, Colo. to improve access to healthcare.

Amplifying Public Voice: CSU’s Center for Public Deliberation

Katie Knobloch’s work through CPD involves the design of community engagement programs and how they impact public participation and deliberative democracy.

Upholding Democracy through Procedural Justice

CSU sociology faculty employ procedural justice, an inclusive and deliberate approach to decision-making, as a way to value multiple voices, fair processes, and transparency.

Echoes of past promises: democracy and the National Park Service

Ruth Alexander’s research into the history of climbing at Rocky Mountain National Park revealed important stories to tell about access to our public lands.

CSU team launches online tool to help prepare for, adapt to climate changes in African forests

A NASA-funded team of Colorado State University researchers traveled to Kenya to unveil a new interactive, online tool to help land managers and foresters working in Kenyan and African forests.