Research & Creative

Making sense of messy data sets to help Routt County economics

Joanna Mosley participates in the Economics undergraduate research internship program with faculty mentor Stephan Weiler to add information about small business in Steamboat Springs to an economic dashboard for rural Colorado counties. 

Searching the Archive: Engaging History through a Social Justice Lens

Senior Peter Wilson prepares for graduate school by spending six months on an internship with Professor Zach Hutchins doing archival research and looking at original sources for Hutchins’ book project about Harriet Beecher Stowe’s A Key to Uncle Tom’s Cabin. 

Helping Preserve the History of Routt and Grand Counties

Two history graduate students, Dale Mize and Addie Brian, help preserve the history of Routt and Grand Counties in the face of land development by creating oral histories of farming/ranching populations and interactive maps for the Colorado Encyclopedia through CSU Extension summer internships. 

Archiving 150 Years of Agriculture in the Centennial State

Tobin Gold documents the agricultural history of the Sterling Irrigation Company and Aubree Vecellio helps with geolocation and visualizing historic images of the Colorado River Compact for CSU Extension summer internships.

Building Bridges to Better Communities

Ph.D. students Emilia Ravetta and Milagro Núñez-Solis connected food pantries with gardeners and youth with opportunities to strengthen their local communities in their CSU Extension summer internships with Grow and Give and the Family Leadership Training Institute. 

Spring 2022

JMC Ph.D. student explores brain-computer interface technologies as an art therapy resource

Ph.D. student Stephanie Scott is investigating how to integrate art therapy and other creative expression into discussions around brain-computer interface (BCI) technologies. Her research explores how BCIs can be more inclusive for neurodiverse users and communication recovery. 

Politics and Policy: A graduate student’s approach to climate change in developing nations

Julia Choolwe Munsaka’s interest in international relations stems from her Zambian roots. She is now pursuing her Ph.D. at CSU to focus on environmental policy, particularly how climate change is considered in diplomatic discussions in the developing world.