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College of Liberal Arts Spring 2023 News

Read the latest news in the College of Liberal Arts, including alumni stories, research and scholarship stories, and retirement announcements.

Where the Digital and Physical Collide

Cy Tornatzky uses electronic art and virtual reality to explore artistic expression and to train future veterinarians in anesthesiology basics using VetVR.

Seeing the Whole Person: How Using Virtual Reality to Learn Spanish Better Meets the Needs of Spanish-Speaking Populations

How do we offer students more real-life experiences to try their language skills? By using virtual reality to put them into linguistic and cultural scenarios.  

Centering Student Choices: Why Linguistic Justice is a Pivotal and Empowering Pedagogical Framework

Three programs—the University Composition Program, TEFL/TESL, and English Education—are challenging a monolingual expectation of language and the idea that there is only “right” way to speak and write in academia. 

Popular Culture Obscures and Reveals: A Look at Korean Film and Queer Rhetoric

Korean cinema and queer rhetoric have both been brought to the forefront of U.S. culture in recent years, and Communication Studies professors help show us how and why. 

North America’s First City: 20,000 people in 1050 C.E.

Ed Henry and colleagues receive $312K NSF grant to investigate the mounds at Cahokia, the largest and most influential urban settlement of the Mississippian culture in 1050 C.E., using magnetometry instruments that are non-invasive and non-destructive. 

Changing people’s perceptions of museums

Who goes to museums? Who are they designed for? At the CSU art museum, the staff extend invitations to anyone to engage with art and one another through their choices of exhibits, displays, and programming.