Research & Creative

Letter from the Dean: Voice

This issue’s theme of voice elevates the voices we may not hear so that collectively we gain broader awareness of the world around us.

College of Liberal Arts Winter 2023 News

An update on the Clark Revitalization, faculty achievements, alumni spotlights, and other recent news from the College of Liberal Arts.

Creating a common narrative for a color-blind democracy

CSU professor Andre Archie advocates a color-blind approach to race relations, emphasizing individual character, family, and economic class for a shared American identity.

Spring 2023

Music and Emotional Perception

How can we all experience similar emotions when we hear a piece of music played? What makes the tones and tempo of music universal? Domenica Romagni investigates the aesthetics of music and how it can arouse emotion and strengthen empathetic connection. 

The Political Perception Gap and the Role of Higher Education

Are we as polarized as the media tell us we are? What do we really think of our neighbors and community? Recent research shows that multiple things influence our politics and perceptions of others, and that engaging in cross-partisan discussions can change those perceptions.

Perceptions of a Premiere

2020 was a year of tragedy, including the Cameron Peak and East Troublesome Fires. Composer James David used the devastation around him as inspiration for a new composition, Troublesome Fire.

New interactive digital project reveals what’s hidden in the prison agriculture system

At first look, the prison agriculture system might sound like a benefit to community and prisoner, but a dive into the program’s history, cost, and output reveal a more complicated and challenging issue.