Collage of photos from the Department of History at CSU

Together, we research and conserve

In the Department of History, together we conserve, research, engage, and understand. From sharing stories of WWII survivors to the architectural history of Windsor, Colo., from working in the Smithsonian to working at Rocky Mountain National Park, history students and faculty explore our past in order to understand our present.

Together, we advance the human experience.

Parks as Portals to Learning 2020 participants take a selfie


The Parks as Portals to Learning program, part of the Public Lands History Center, pairs students with Rocky Mountain National Park professionals. Participants engage with natural and cultural resource managers, learn about management issues within the park, and propose ways to use environmental history to address issues and propose creative strategies for learning about and preserving park resources.

Learn more about the Parks as Portals to Learning program run by the Public Lands History Center.


CSU student, Landon Schmidt, and Dr. Michael Mansfield from the Department of History organized an event in 2019 to share the stories of WWII nurse, Leila Morrison, and German WWII survivor, Wim Schendel. Their stories helped the standing-room only audience understand the personal experiences of this world war.

WWII panel from left Michael Mansfield Wim Schendel Leila Morrison Landon Schmidt and Dr. Robert Gudmestad

From Left: Michael Mansfield, Wim Schendel, Leila Morrison, Landon Schmidt, and Dr. Robert Gudmestad

Hailey Groo addressing the Windsor Town Board


Public history students delved into the architectural history of Windsor’s churches, homes, and factory. They shared their findings with the Windsor town board, the historic preservation commission, and interested residents, filling in gaps in the cultural history of Colorado.


Public history students bring the expertise they’ve gained from specialized courses to work with textiles, documents, and ephemera in museums and archives. In return, they gain professional experience conserving materials from Colorado’s past for future generations.

Naomi Gerakios working with materials at the Avenir Museum
Heidi Fuhrman flag folding at the Smithsonian Museum


History majors apply for internships in Fort Collins and around the country. On her internship with the Smithsonian Museum of American History, Heidi Fuhrman helped visitors participate in the museum’s flag folding ceremony.