College of Liberal Arts Spring 2018 News

Recently published

Evelio Echevarria, emeritus professor of Spanish, published the book The Andes: The Complete History of Mountaineering in High South America.

Some of us are moving!

After renovations and improvements are finished at the end of May, a variety of Liberal Arts faculty and students will be moving to Hartshorn (the former health center): Dept of English Graduate Teaching Assistants, and a variety of Journalism and Media Communication, Philosophy, and Sociology faculty.

In addition, the Center for Literary Publishing will be moving to the corner of Pitkin and College in the former Alumni Center, also called the Tiley House. The impetus for these moves is the University’s master plan to take down Aylesworth Hall.

Award winners

From Best Teacher Awards to scholarship innovation to College teaching and research awards, College of Liberal Arts faculty have received campus-wide recognition for their excellence. Read about the CLA awards.

Museum Accreditation

The Gregory Allicar Museum of Art, renovated, expanded, and named in 2016, achieved accreditation from the American Alliance of Museums, an honor held by only 3% of museums nationwide. In its letter notifying the Museum of its accreditation, the AAM Accreditation Committee stated that: “The museum is an excellent example of how a departmental gallery can grow into a vibrant museum thanks to a clear vision, a strategic plan that marries the accreditation goal with its new location, strong financial and administrative support from the University and the community, and a dedicated professional staff.”



Ann Magennis, professor of biological anthropology, retired in Dec. 2017.


Robert Keller, professor and former director of the CSU Honors Program.


Sue Russell, program assistant

Nancy Berry, director of Pathways and English Language Programs

Music, Theatre, and Dance

Laura Jones, professor of Theatre

Jane Slusarski-Harris, director and professor of Dance

Political Science

John Straayer, professor and director of the Colorado Legislative Intern Program. (Namesake of the Straayer Center for Public Service Leadership)

Sandra Davis, associate professor of American politics and environmental politics and policy.


In Memoriam


Alfred Boersch, former English professor and philosophy department chair, passed away on July 2, 2017.


Emeritus Professor Evan Vlachos passed away in June 2017.

Emeritus Professor Stanley Eitzen passed away in July of 2017.

Affiliate Faculty Professor Peter Mandel Hall passed away in December 2017.