Alumni Impact – Winter 2018

From fighting crime on the streets of Houston to telling refugee stories in Iraq, these Liberal Arts alumni used their degrees to make a real impact on the lives of people around the world and on the lives of CSU students. Read more about what a degree in the liberal arts and a passion for service can really do.

Daniel Canete ('04, Music)

After completing an undergraduate degree in music performance for percussion at CSU and while pursuing a master's degree in percussion performance in Texas, Daniel Canete decided he wanted to do more to support his community so he became a police officer. As a member of the Dallas, Texas SWAT team, Canete takes the lessons he learned from his musical ensembles to his work with his team: "Both groups are all about teamwork and trust – you learn how to communicate through body language and non-verbal cues,” he explains. Read about Daniel Canete.

David Freed ('76, Technical Journalism)

The Rocky Mountain Collegian is often a great training ground for aspiring journalists. And David Freed is no exception. As a reporter for The Los Angeles Times, Freed shared in a team Pulitzer Prize for reporting on the Los Angeles Rodney King riots and was an individual finalist for the Pulitzer Gold Medal for Public Service, the highest award in American journalism. He has authored novels, writes for Air and Space Smithsonian, and is an instructor for the journalism department at CSU. Read more about David Freed.

Dennis Graham ('68, Philosophy)

The Honorable Dennis Graham has established an esteemed professional legacy focused on integrity and service that has impacted CSU students, alumni, and law professionals alike. Graham is the recipient of the 2018 Charles A. Lory Public Service Award, one of the highest honors bestowed upon Colorado State University alumni through the CSU Distinguished Alumni Awards. Graham’s story embodies the liberal arts’ focus on meaningful engagement and reveals just what you can do with a degree in philosophy. Read more about Dennis Graham.

Jeremy Holm ('93, Performing Arts)

Often cast as "the bad guy," Jeremy Holm, actor in the House of Cards and Mr. Robot got his start on the stage at CSU. Read about Jeremy Holm.

Robbie Myers ('82, Political Science)

The former managing editor of Elle magazine wanted to be president of the United States, but found publishing to be an opportunity to inspire and influence great masses of readers. Read more about Robbie Myers.


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