New Initiatives and Accolades for the College of Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts is proud to announce these new initiatives:

  • A new research center, the Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI), created by Professor Stephan Weiler in his three-year role as Morgan Chair. REDI builds on Professor Weiler’s considerable experience and exercise in regional economics to understand the similarities in urban and rural economies. This is a notable example of engaged research, where we bring to bear knowledge created in our college directly to issues important to the communities we live in and serve.
    Rural Economic Development Institute
  • The newly launched college initiative: The Digital Liberal Arts (DLA) Hub. Housed in the recently renovated Eddy Hall, DLA provides a physical home and defined space for faculty and students to collaborate as they explore emerging technologies and their impact on research and teaching.
    Digital Liberal Arts

And, the College is proud to congratulate the people who received recognition for their efforts in the classroom and achievements in their fields.

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