Finding my way

I graduated from Colorado State University in the spring of 2012.  While my graduation was an exciting time of celebration with supportive friends and family, I learned quickly that not everyone sees potential in graduating with an Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts degree. In my case, my minors in English, Italian Studies and Women’s Studies seemed to further confound those same people who appeared to be searching for a more simple answer. That lack of clarity didn’t worry me. I fell into my area of study by allowing myself to be led by my interests and passions.  The material we covered in my undergraduate career often fascinated me.  This enthusiasm helped me fully engage with my classes and led me down an educational route that was unique to me.

Shortly after college, my sister and I embarked upon a road trip lasting months, driving around the US border.  Afterward we each moved to our favorite city, which is how I have found myself in Portland, Oregon for the past few years.  My time here has led to an engagement with the arts community and has revealed my passion for working with seniors.  This led me to pursue graduate school, in the Arts and Administration Program at the University of Oregon.

I am looking forward to new adventures and ready to make another move forward.  This move is exciting for me, as it narrows my focus in a way that feels right to me. The degree could lead to work in a variety of venues: museums, performance art, or art combined with healthcare. This works for me, as it allows me to move toward something specific while still maintaining openness toward whatever unexpected options may arise.

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