Alumna pursues a love of literature at Wolverine Farm Publishing

Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts alumna Meg Schiel, class of 2013, share her post-graduation journey. 

Meg SchielHi everyone, I’m Meg Schiel, an alumna of the Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts program. Since graduation I’ve been combining my interests in the arts and a love of literature to help me define and realize my career path.

I have been working with a local non-profit publishing company, Wolverine Farm Publishing and in the past several years we’ve been bringing into realty a multi-year expansion, which includes the opening of a brand-new community meeting house in December of this year — Letterpress & Publick House — on Willow Lane in downtown Fort Collins. For a glimpse into the world of a local non-profit publishing company, take a look at our website.

I have a day job too, one that I like rather a lot. Currently I’m working as a Library Assistant with the Poudre River Public Library District, helping the public, leading story times, and running literary programs for children and teens. I’m considering returning to graduate school to earn a master’s degree in Arts Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Arts Advocacy, as this is a professional direction that I really want to pursue.

I promise you, there’s an interesting world that awaits you and you’ll never really know where it’s eventually going to take you — or where you’re going to be taking it. That’s the fun and beauty after graduation.

And for most of us, where we will eventually end up is the novel mystery that awaits us — especially for those lucky enough to have had both the wherewithal and opportunity to earn an Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts degree. I’m finding that it really does prepare you for just a about anything you might image.

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