Liberal Arts students completing semester abroad on Gilman Scholarship

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Two students in the College of Liberal Arts have been awarded the prestigious Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship, which aims to diversify students’ international experiences. Allyson Hannah and Danait Hailemicael have applied their scholarships, which range from $2,000 to $5,000, to education abroad experiences during the spring semester.

Allyson Hannah

Allyson Hannah
Allyson Hannah

CSU junior Allyson Hannah, who is majoring in Sociology with a minor in Spanish, is studying abroad in Cusco, Peru in a program offered by International Study Abroad (ISA). Hannah chose the program because it aligned well with her area of study, environmental sociology with a focus on international development. Through the program, she is taking a mix of Spanish language and environmental development classes.

One of the biggest considerations facing Hannah as she prepared to live abroad is lymphedema, a chronic swelling condition that requires her to wear a compression garment daily. Though there are challenges associated with her condition, Hannah is taking part in every activity she can, and she hopes that other people with chronic illnesses see that they can also follow their dreams of going abroad.

In high school, Hannah joined an exchange program that allowed her to visit Monteverde, Costa Rica, which sparked her desire to study abroad in the future. With her background in international development and environmental sustainability, Hannah hopes to someday be able to help developing countries counteract the negative effects of climate change.

Hannah was also awarded the Mona Mitchell Scholarship for Students with Disabilities from the Office of International Programs, and received a $1,500 scholarship from ISA.

Danait Hailemicael

Danait Hailemicael
Danait Hailemicael

Danait Hailemicael, a junior economics major, is studying in Rome, Italy. She is enrolled in the International Business Studies program through Academic Programs International (API).

Hailemicael chose Italy because she was born in Eritrea, Africa, a former Italian colony with a strong Italian influence. She moved to Colorado when she was 2, is the first in her family to go to college, and has always been excited to travel the world and gain more international experience. Because she was nervous about the language barrier, Hailemicael enrolled in an Italian language course to help her with conversational skills.

In Italy, Hailemicael does not have classes on Fridays, allowing her more freedom to travel to many of Europe’s big cities on the weekends. She grew up only a half hour from Denver, and was excited to experience the diverse food and culture of a large international city like Rome.

Along with the Gilman scholarship, Hailemicael received $1,000 from the Office of International Programs and a $1,000 scholarship from API.

Scholarships and support

During the academic year, Student Financial Services partners with Education Abroad to offer financial aid advising and workshops for students who are considering going abroad on a study, research, internship or service-learning program. Hosted twice a semester, Gilman Scholarship Information Sessions provide students with specific application tips and helpful advice from experts in the application process. Advisers are also available to assist with essay development and feedback.

In addition to federal financial aid like the Gilman Award, the Office of International Programs awards more than $200,000 annually in need- and merit-based scholarships for education abroad, with the average scholarship recipient receiving $750. The Education Abroad office oversees programs in nearly every country around the world and provides support services to students, including advising, orientations, outreach, program coordination and risk management oversight.

For more information about education abroad opportunities and funding, visit the Education Abroad website.

Interested in supporting liberal arts students as they study abroad? Donate to the Matthew P. Shoup Spain Study Abroad Scholarship in the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures. 

Rachael Johnson contributed to this story. 

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