Online Arts Leadership Master’s among top leadership programs

Colorado State University’s online Master of Arts Leadership and Administration has been recognized among some of the top leadership degree programs in the U.S. by

LEAP online Master of Arts Leadership and Administration Award

The program, which is offered by CSU’s LEAP Institute for the Arts, received a Leadership Excellence Award in the education category, ranking among the top 10 master’s programs with an emphasis on Leadership/Organizational Development. The awards are touted as the “Oscars” of leadership, and have been given out annually for 33 years.

Constance DeVereaux, director of LEAP said, “It was a pleasant surprise, and an honor, to receive the award. Both our residential and our online master’s degrees are quite new, but everyone associated with LEAP has worked hard to be successful in delivering high-level instruction that really prepares our students for the realities of a profession in arts leadership.”

She continued, “[This award] shows the degree of expertise and knowledge behind the courses we teach. …The advantage of teaching at CSU is the strong partnership I have with course designers, skilled instructors, and a well-developed curriculum that has recognizable quality for our students.”

Skills that benefit careers and communities

Constance DeVereaux, director of LEAP.
Constance DeVereaux, director of LEAP.

CSU’s online Master of Arts Leadership and Administration teaches those with an interest in arts, culture, and nonprofit work the skills needed to take on and succeed in leadership positions. DeVereaux said, “Artists really are looked to as leaders in their communities. But, they don’t always know how to embrace that, or how to translate their know-how into public leadership.” By providing training in areas like finance management, media communication, and community engagement, DeVereaux said the program “makes a big difference for people’s own careers, but also for the arts and culture sector in whole. It’s evident to most people that the arts play an important role in society. Someone has to advocate for their continued development for the benefit of all. People who do that are arts leaders.”

For more information about the Master of Arts Leadership and Administration, contact Colorado State University Online at (970) 491-5288.

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